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Kamis, 28 April 2011

A New Challenge should be through!~


for all readers,
thanks God for give me opportunity grab some airs today, eat delicous sweet pancake and one mug of instant teh tarik while reading kosmo online.Yesterday like a nightmare for me, yeah...maybe scary nightmare...actually our result of posting to specialty department came out, and I got department of internal at KOJA hospital where the most horror hospital in the world(haha..lebay)..
horrot meant not that things actually but more to the doctor..actually THAT doctor...huhu..when woke up this morning ,I just wonder is that true about's that dream or reality...but the reality is yesterday is not dream, yesterday is your first posting and you should go through and take it as your challenge in your life as a doctor future-to-be.

yeah! I am positive person, and I am ambitious person, I like to learn something new.. that's I am...and I need ' i am' for this 10 weeks now on...I really need it..and the problem is I do not know if I can hold on 'i am' person until last 10 weeks..but if you do not try how can you know your ability and talent right??! local people say.. jalani aja!~~~~

don't judge a book by it's cover!
above is the common idiom that we should know...maybe not should because its not my authority to ask you what you and should what you shoudn't.. what um gonna say its just my opinion and just like I'd say i am positive person, hehehe...when I am 6 years old until 19 years old, my teacher is my teacher and when I am 20 years until know my doctors is my teacher..and we should respect them just like we respect our parent, we have to respect them not only because of they more take experiences and lifelong, but because they willing to share some knowledges , experiences and sacrifice their time for us. you should know time can not buy at any where...its just come and pass like the wind.

how bad he or she is we should respect and thankful them...we don't know what he or she planned, we don't know what he or she want to see maybe or attitude, knowledge, manner and so on...maybe he or she wants us to be a better person , to be a best from the best don't judge by your first impression...get to know her or him deeply...maybe after this you will know how good and best she or he is..

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