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Jumat, 29 April 2011

my english level has turned down


Alhamdulillah, such a bright and sunny day today!lucky to somebody who are planned washing car, a couple of shoes, clothes.. today make their plan working easier. a little bit akward when I'm starting using English language for for blog posting..hehe...coz since I'm coming to Indonesia, English is not my priority language after Malay. It is not my desire to put back English language but condition and environtment here force me to do this. Actually my English level it is not too higher compare to the others, but when I'm studying at Penang which is Matrix Penang, my English level had improvement and I can talk with people in English, compared before I just can make a writing paper in English. Thanks for my teacher Miss Fathini..she really helped me a lot...!

But here, everything has changed when English is not the priority of students and people here. They more comfortable with their language. For me, I need to be push and learn to make my English level increase and make it latent at higher level at my English language Improvement Chart. when I'm start using Indonesia language and Malay language, outomatically I used to be that and my chart level decrease same goes with time. My vocabulary become poor and leak here and there. My sentences just a lame. I don't have a confident anymore to write English on my status FB or make a writing.

Maybe start from today I , myself have to make a renewal and push my self from every area to make Chart leverl increase slowly..!Here im still save using Indonesia as my language...but Malaysia need English as your language and whenever you want to explain or make a presentation in front of doctors you should speak in English . It is not because Malay doctors proud to be English-speaking-man but there are several doctor at hospitals special imported from overseas.I dont know where they come from, maybe India or Singapore.. but there it we as a new doctors , just a general doctor have to follow the flow and make yourself and myself too better from day to day.. just a motivation for today!

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