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Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

the "happy" day....=P


I woke quite late this morning, 7,30 am.... just take an advantages from "holiday from GOD"....hehhee...however I had promised ryn yesterday dats we would playing badminton together. luckily she wasn`t anger with me, then we were playing together. after dats were joined poco-poco dance with makcik-makcik at playground in front of our house. it was took a few time but still my sweats out from my hair skin pore. it was a first time we were joined it , so a little bit awkward but still enjoyable. afterward we went to pasar kaget juz for buy soya drink and some kuih for breakfast.

then, as usual, I tidied up my room and washed my fan. As human, we get a bath everyday so that fresh and clean from dirty, bacteria , and virus so too my fan, he also need to get a bath so that he always free from dusts and can work me everyday...hehhee..merapu jer....ridicilous..!!.

As what we had planned, we were going to CL for window shopping , and eat something new. So the tired..!!.. and I also bought 2 CDs...pirate CDs laa...and we were returned to home and take a rest.

I watched 2 stories today, alone in my beloved room without any disturbances. I`m happy today because I was chatted for a while with my older friend. long time no sees him... =)... we were also shared story and kept reminding each other. when we were long time not to talk to each other, a lot of thing might be share together and that`s what make me happy. I hope between us, will be happy always with our pathway of life and get a bright future.

but, sumthing is missing today.ooppppss.... I `m not studies yet for today..hohohoh~~~....besok jelaa...tomorrow will be start with a new mission and vission..hehhee...gotta go..........!

p/s: right now, im chatting my da honestest frend..hehhee....miss her very much!

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