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Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

need we say thanks to HINI..??


today is friday, so I wore a green baju kurung and dressed up lovely. with a bright smile and full of spirit , we were going to the class. It is quite difference environtment today. most students wore a masker as they have been told abaout HINI yesterday. but I don`t think it will be serious like this morning....while we were chatting in the class, suddenly Yudi made annoucement about cancel all class today and minor check up who are had a simptoms of HINI virus. Yet, each student got free masker from TU. i feel like disappointed bcoz I came to college cheerfully but back for nothing. ..huhuhu~~~...moreover,I have been told that this week until next saturday, our class are cancelled and got a free holiday. Maybe this is a good idea but more to bad news because I had bought a RAYA ticket and this might be a problem soon for me..Hope all of this move smoothly, and nothing bad would be happen.

So need we say thanks to HINI because got a free holiday or damn it because make all the things become a problem soon. though , still have the advantages, which we can study more and not too rushing. hurmmm.....I don`t think so if we need to say thanks to HINI because it make me also my friends late to return to Malaysia..waaaaaaaaa!!!...x nak laa camniii....

p/s :dont want to stay here longer...

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