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Rabu, 21 Juli 2010



thankful for ALLAH for give me an opportunity of life, breathing in HIs air and enjoying HIs mercy and favours. But still i feel like it is not fair. i have give all my effort for the last exam of obgyn, but still didnt get a good result. i didnt bid to get A or A-, if its grade is B, im feel very thankful enough .....feeling very devastated plus plus dissapointed..myb i dont suitable to be an obgyn specialist..huhuhu...pluss i failed radiology give me a burden on my shoulder...i juz feel like cursed by radio....since i SP for 2 subjects of is funny isnt it..??...myb i should learn more!..

right now, i have to think positive and strive..strive...strive...continuance is power...yess..i believe that phrase..!..there are many thinks i have not settle survey for my patient...i hope i can settle as soon as possible but he is working and free at i hope he can consider if i want to meet him at night ..myb he tired after working...weekend its to late...!...i dont think i can finish my study, resume, slides if this things do not settle before this friday...
but...if he cant...weekend its tym for meeting after all...huhuhuh...juz pray ok..!..hope all the things walk smoothly,,,aaminnn....

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